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Pinstripe and Badge Removal



Was looking at getting the Pinstripe eraser wheel to take off the pinstripes and and black adhesive tape on the badges. Ended up using a hairdryer to heat the pinstripes and a rubber scraper to remove the stripes, That worked really good. Took about 2 hours to remove the stripes with the end of the stripes on the back of the truck the hardest. Had the word Tahoe with the chevy emblem. Got it done with the wife on the dryer and me scraping then switching off. Got some Turtle Wax spray adhesive remove from wal-mart to try it out. Worked really good. spray it on the remaining residue and let it set a minute, the adhesive wiped off with a little scrubbing. Then used ye ole TRUSTY APC to help clean up area,,,,,, I did a quick detail of the truck afterwards with some buttery wax over the areas. A full detail will be next week with the PC.

Used fishing line to remove the GM logo and LT logo off the truck. Wife wants to keep the Tahoe Logo on truck. Heated up the tape behind the logo with hairdryer and pulled off. It left like a black outline on the paint that nothing would remove. Once again ye ole TRUSTY APC to the rescue... :2thumbs:


Before removal.












After removal









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I wanted to take the Tahoe badges off also. The wife likes them so on they stay. She said if we ever trade it in, maybe it hurt the value of the truck with them badges all gone. The Tahoe and The Chevy emblems.. Not sure.

It was some work,, but I like it alot better espically with the pinstripes gone.

Thanks for compliments. Hopefully nice weather next weekend so I can break the PC out on it again.



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