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Decided to pull the trigger today on my first Adams Polishes order. It was a hard pill to swallow spending 9x the amount on products I used to get for $50 but considering my car has fresh paint once again this year, and my 2012 Silvy has fresh paint... its time to start and finish them off right.


Lynn was great in helping me select my kits and pieced the kits together for me. Couldnt have been happier with her help. I was adding and subtracting stuff from my cart for 2 days saying I need this but not that. If I get this its pretty close to this whole kit so why not get the whole kit. Back and forth. I also ended up ordering a foam gun today as well.


Little about me, Im a fireman/emt at CAT in Peoria. Originally from Dixon, IL (100mi W of chicago) and thats where my car resides. I usually put about 20,000 miles on my car in 5-6 months but looks like this year it will be 7-8 months. Usually 100 of those miles are strictly from 1/4 mile passes :2thumbs:



My "toy" is a 2004 Cavalier... yes I catch a lot for driving one, until it holds its own and then I either get a wtf look or a smug look because they are disappointed that they lost. But in the end, its my car, my money and I love driving it. Ill link to that thread once I figure out which section to post that in.


Next comes the DD. Just traded about 2 days ago, my 08 Silverado for my 2012 Silverado. Went from 36K miles down to picking it up with 152 miles and warranty and all sorts of better stuff. VERY excited to have that. Only have one picture of it and ill toss that in here. But it has fresh flawless paint, unlike my 08 had. I have yet to even wash it which was my main push for ordering my kits when I did so that I CAN wash it.



Once I figure out or get some suggestions on where to post my cavalier intro then I will edit this post with the link.


Thanks again Lynn for your help! I know its only a start but I have a feeling it will take off. Just gotta talk my dad into letting me at his 71Z, 02Z, 02SS, and 2010 2SS and let me tackle those as a project.

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