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Removing Wax Build-up with PC



Hello all,

New member, long time Adam's user here. I'm in a quick pinch, any expeditious help is much appreciated.


I have a black Charger with matte black racing stripes. When I had waxed the car, I also did the stripes thinking it was safe. They now have a white wax film on them.


I used the GP Cleaner and a cloth to remove the build-up. After a 1 foot section, I see it is going to be an all day and exhausting project.


Would it be wise/possible for me to use my Porter Cable, apply GP Cleaner to a pad, and use that to speed up the process? If so, which pad would you recommend? Orange, Black, or White?


I really appreciate any help you all can provide.

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First off, Welcome to Adam's Forums!


Oh, I should mention, I did watch the this video, but he did everything by hand.




I think you have found the best approach with that video. I believe Dylan did not use the machine due to the fact it could catch the edge of the stripe. BG works well to remove that ugly wax leftovers. It contains just enough solvents to remove the was residue, but not dry out the vinyl.

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Thanks for the help. Of course, the glaze is one of the few Adam's products I don't have. I ended up using Swirl & Haze Remover, Detail Spray, GP Cleaner, and elbow grease. It only took about 3 hours....I need a nap! Never again will I get wax on them.

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Could you not use something like 50/50 IPA on the stripes, or maybe a dilution of APC? (Sorry, no experience with cleaning vinyl stripes). Both of those will take was right off of the paint, I know.


Actually these are both excellent options... stay mild with the level of the chemical, but they might remove wax residue.

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