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Rain beading on Buttery Wax and Quick Sealant



Ok, after last weekend's detailing, I walked out yesterday morning and it was drizzling here in So. California. First off, yay, we need the water. Second, I saw the following beading, and thought, "Take a couple of pics before heading to work". All I had handy was my iPod touch, so please forgive the photo quality.


The hood shots are of Buttery Wax, the roof shots and outside mirror shots are of Quick Sealant.


Here we go - Buttery Shots


The hood, from a distance:







Now the Quick Sealant shots of roof and outside mirror:





Driver's mirror:





Love how round that mirror makes me look :/ haha


And as for why buttery on the front, and Quick Sealant on the rest: I only got the paint detailed up to the front doors - had clayed the entire vehicle abut couldn't finish the front end in time, so covered it with a quick coat of buttery wax, since I am going to just remove it in a week or so. Buttery is not slouch, that's for sure!

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