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Please need your thoughts on my first project



I have a two month old car and at this points I have only washed and dried it

with Adams two bucket and Detail Spray. The paint is virtually swirl free

but I could feel some roughness using the platic bag test, so I think is

time for claying and some polishing.


This is what my course of action based on the products I already have:




3-Revive Polish

4-Spray sealant

5-second coat of sealant on the front.


My goal is to add some protection to the paint by hand now until I can

buy the Flex machine and all the products for machine work.


Your input is greatly appreciated. thanks.

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Thanks for all the replies!


I could apply the Americana but I dont have it right now. My goal

as stated is to give the paint some protection until I get a hold of

the machine and all I need for a machine shine.


I cant picture myself doing all this work by hand for too long... so

I'd rather wait for the machine.


Thanks again.

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All right... I am very, very sore right now but cant complain every time

I look at the results of this my very first attempt.

It took me six hours of intense labor and the car is flawless considering

that was done by hand.


The only thing I could not get off was this three tiny circles on the hood.

I tried to take a pic but they were too small and the surface was too

shiny :D I dont even know how to describe them actually... other than

that it looks incredible.. here some pics (I was too focused on the task

ahead that I did not think of taking some before)

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