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Lighter colored paint wax choice?



I have an Azure Blue Mach 1. It is a lighter blue, not a sky, but not a crayon blue, kinda in between, its kinda, i dunno, Azure. lol Anyways.

I watched the season 7 dvd and the Brilliant Glaze and Americana Wax looked good on that black car, but lots of waxes look great on a black car. Im wondering what wax, buttery or americana, will do better for a lighter shade.


I currently use Pinnacle Souveran Liquid wax, and its more geared toward lighter colors, and have had great results comparitively with other waxes I've tried. Im also currently trying to get full on into the Adam's Line, as I have yet to be dissappointed.

How does your waxes compare with a lighter paint? Seems black and red cars get all the hype and everything else is always left behind from most waxes. Very pleased with the shine from MSS, but want a good LSP that give the blue that pop and depth everyone's looking for.


Also a Off topic quick question. I was washing my single soft MF's, an I pretreated them with Adam's APC, Washed them as directed with regular Woolite, extra rinse in my HE W/D. They feel fine, and still work good, but there is a green tint deep in the fibers. I cant smell APC on them, and they work ok, but is this normal? should i be using them on paint like this?

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Americana on Orange:


(Photo courtesy rshadd)


Buttery on 18 year old Blue:



Buttery going on White:



Both waxes are great on any color. Americana gives a bit deeper, warmer tone and lasts longer than Buttery. Buttery is about as easy to apply and remove as BG.


As for your towels, they should be fine: I always set the washer to do a second rinse cycle after I've pre treated the microfibers with APC: the first rinse includes about 1/8 cup Distilled White Vinegar.

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