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a surpising result.



For last weekend show....the truck got a nice little detail...


see here...



well...are you ever in the middle of the detail...and just have to stop yourself because:


1) you are COMPLETELY shocked about how something just turned out

2) you didn't take a "before" of it!


Well that was us detailing the fuel cell. i decided to hit the gas cap with the pad and drill, KNOWING it would do much cuz the cap's finish was a dull grey...but maybe i could get a LITTLE shiney, right?




we were FLOORED!


and i found a before of the cap in my project folder lol














just yet ANOTHER impressive adam's metal shine transformations for me

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That tank came out great! When you say "a suprising result" it almost sounds like you may have doubted the power of the almighty Adam's product! :jester:


it wasn't doubt...it was that i didn't think the finish WAS a polished finish under there, but a matt finish. lol

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