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Well Now I've Gone And Done It.....



My birthday is coming up next saturday, and I've been telling my wife that I want some more detailing supplies so I can polish my Charger before a car show that day. Rather than let her try to guess what I need I just sent her this list. I figure if something's worth doing, it's worth over-doing :willy:


Basic Porter Cable Kit

Orange and blue hand applicators


MSS and pad combo

Brilliant Glaze pad

4" Focus pad kit

4" Focus Brilliant Glaze pad

2 Waterless Wash towels

16oz bottle & foaming sprayers


Here's Black Betty, the ultimate recpient of all this product.....


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She'll look great after the once over with Adam's! I just ordered some stuff that I needed, unfortunately I don't have a birthday or special occasion to ask for a gift so I was stuck footing the bill myself!

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Haha, thanks!


It's already been getting the Adam's treatment since I bought it in February, in that pic she's wearing QS, BG and Americana. There's some swirling there, probably from the dealership since it was there for around 4 months before I found it, but nothing crazy. I'm pretty confident that the PC will be able to take care of it but if not it just gives me an excuse to get a Flex.

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