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Gave the PC a workout today!


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Finally got to put most of my Adam's products to work today after having them for almost 2 months, work is killer right now and time off is rare.Started off with a 2 bucket wash and dried with Great White towel, which kicks *** by the way.Then I went to work with the clay bar and detail spray.:bow:Used undercarriage spray and Super VRT on the tires. Then it was time to break out the new PC !!!:pc: Did one pass each with Severe Swirl & Haze,Regular Swirl &Haze, Fine Swirl & Haze and finally Machine Super Sealant. Very satisfied with all of the products so far. Not sure I needed to do all of the steps but it is a new car to me so I went all in. Will put Revive and Americana on it tomorrow as well as clean the glass. Pics to follow.:cheers:

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You should have done a test area first. It would have shown you if all those steps were needed or not.


I'll be waiting on those pics :D


Some panels were rougher than others so I just decided to keep everything "even" and do the whole car, it was good practice running the PC either way and I'm betting it hasn't seen that much attention in quite a few years.:D


Now I gotta get out to the garage and get it finished, should be cured by now.

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Well I forgot to take any before pics as I got a late start yesterday. Typical 22 year old black paint, needed some attention. Polished yesterday and Americana today. Very happy with the results, will have a flex in the future though.:xfingers:



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