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New momber from Holland

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Hey guys, i am kinda New to detailing in general.

Did some good clearing on my dailly beretta and some cheap *** wax from the local carshop.

In à few weeks I am getting started with my '70 chevelle SS396.

Ordered a starters set from Patrick at Adams Holland and found this forum with the instruction DVD.

Read alot, but still much to learn.


My car has an older Paint with lots of swirls.

Be prepared for my questions, and pictures coming soon.


Greetzz Marvin

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Welkom Marvin! Leuk om een landgenoot tegen te komen op deze site!!


now I'll switch back to English so i don't piss anyone off ;-)


Great Chevelle you got there! Did you import it yourself or buy it there?

Gotta love those SS models!!

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