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Hi everyone,


Name's Atif, and today i got started on my very first polish/wax job (on my sisters car to practice :) ), and since things seemed to be going way too smoothly i figured i was doing something wrong haha, so i figured id join this resource.

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welcome Atif!



So this is my first time ever doing more than a wash in my life. Decided to do my parents' car. Havent gotten my sealant or glaze yet so it was just wash, clay, revive (not mush swirling going on), americana.


Im clearly no photographer, and maybe its the pictures, but it didnt jump out as much as i expected, could also be because its cloudy. Maybe you guys and gals will be better at noticing the improvement...but its definitely at least some degree better. the 'rents are pleased so thats a plus.


Before,with shaky cam :(












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Wet (defeating the purpose of a wash :thumbsup:)




Had a hard time even keeping the water on the car!






I guess not too bad for a first time. Ill post pics of my car in the detailing section once its done after i get the sealant and glaze.

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