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Detailed my Engine Bay/ Installed my new rear bumper

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So I finally detailed the engine bay of my Silverado SS, something I have not done in a long time.


Before: As you can see it was nice a dirty



Taped off and wrapped plastic around anything I did not want to get wet




Sprayed a Hardcore Engine Degreaser around the block and lower parts of the engine bay that had some oil and grease buildup. I had to use an entire can.



Then I soaked the rest in APC and scrubbed with a brush.


Then I sprayed it off, Wiped down anything I missed with Detail Spray and a Towel then used a combo of SVRT and In and Out to make it look nice a shinny. Here are the final results:






Then I decided to replace my rear bumper cover on my truck. Someone Hit me in December of 2010, it cracked and beat up the cover a bit. I got a new bumper but have just put off installing it.


When I removed it I realized that I then had better access to my tail pipes which were filthy. So I cleaned up my Pipes using some APC, then both metal Polishes.



After With New Rear Bumper Installed: (sorry for the dirty truck)




I also hit the bumper with a coat of RP then Quick Sealant then some BG and Americana.

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