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SRTLUVRs Charger & a Ram

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Last Friday Chase & Vince made the trip up to get the Charger ready for the TVMC car show.


My day started at 7am with a 2 bucket for the Ram then dried with the Master Blaster only to discover little white dots all over. I'm thinking this came from pad cleaning fall out.:lolsmack: So I decided instead of being finished and waiting on Chase to use my time and clay the beast. Once clayed she received a coat of BG and a nice thin coat of APW. Finished up at 12:30 went inside, ate a piece of leftover chicken, sent Chase a text asking for an ETA and instead of replying he just pulled into the driveway.


We did a WW wipedown, IPA wipedown, & FMP on the Charger and then coated with BG followed up with APW. Finished up at 7pm, took these pics, went to dinner, then Chase & Vince were nice enough to come back and help me load up for the show.


Enough rambling. Here are the pics. Chase & Vince, feel free to add pics if you got em.

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Lens truck is flat out FLAWLESS!! I was honored to have his & Vince's help on my sled all weekend!!!! And our two beasts together in his driveway was just a cool site to see altogether. Two Mopar beasts, one low, one high, one black, one red, and both sound badass!!! :)

Thanks for the kudos on the car y'all. And thanks to Len for all he does.

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