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Oh, The Power of Cheese...er Clay



There have been a few questions about removing scratches around the door handles. I was working on my neighbors White Pearl Hyundai Sonata to remove some overspray, and noticed the dreaded fingernail marks under the door handles:










I spent a few minutes on each handle with some Adam's Detailing Clay Bar - Best Detail Clay and the results were amazing!







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Nice job.


I've had great success with the clay bar for this as well. However yesterday I was working on a white GL450 and clay only did half the job to remove the scratches. I used Revive on the remaining marks to get the results I needed.


Not sure why it works well on some and not on others. Maybe it was the fact I was dealing with a tough clear on the Mercedes.

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nail polish? i've done the same on the wife's car and clay helps.


^^^ Im thinking that too, ive had the same situation, they didnt look like scratches to me I've used clay before and took them away like they were only polish transfer. Followed but revive and they looked amazing after. good clean up man!

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