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My Vacation in Denver


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Well, I am back at my Parent's house in RI and will be going back to NJ tomorrow..


We went to Denver for my Sister's Graduation from Bel-Rea..


Here's a boatload of pictures.. and I mean BOATLOAD! I took about 1200, here is under 500, haha


It was easier for me to upload the same photos I uploaded to FB after filtering through all of them.. that took a LOT of work so I made this thread easier..


EDIT: Since there was a boatload, I figured it would be easier to just give a link to them on FB..


Places we visited include: Pike's Peak, Ballon Festival at Memorial Park, Boulder County Fair, Pearl Street Boulder, Bowling, Denver Firefighter's Museum, Denver Zoo, Adam's Polishes, 16th Street Mall





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