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My 97 Chevy project.


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Engine- gmperformance parts 383

Trans - built 4l60e

solid axle conversion up front using a Hp44 and ORD bracket's with dual shock setup

Rear axle is a 14 bolt ff swapped from a 79 i also swapped the drum brake's for disc's.

Audio sytem is an Alpine head unit, Boston Acoustic compnent with 2 Jl w3 12's and a Kenwood amp. The seats are my next project after reagearing the axle's. As for body mod's the paint is original, getting a bit rough after 15 years but this winter it's getting a fresh paint job, the 2 inch cowl hood is new, Those ugly side hook's will be removed also. Can't think of much more at the moment.

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Here are some picture's from when i first bought it up until the point i'm at now.

A week after i bought i already had wheel's and tires stuffed under and a dual exhaust setup.


I quickly got bored with that and made a huge mistake. I hate how the truck looked at this point and am quit embarrassed i went Autozone stick overboard.



Then i changed it up again for the better, yet not the best.


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This is the point at which the IFS suspension was no longer willing to play ball and retired. Let the solid axle conversion begin.





Swapped rear 10 bolt in favor of a 14 bolt from a 1 ton




F-350 next to it for refrence


doing work last winter


Flexin the suspension a bit


cleaned up with the old black wheel's


and how it currently sit's


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