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New from Pittsburgh Pa

DSG Mustang GT

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Hey gents,


My name is Barry 24 from Pittsburgh Pa. I own a 03 Mustang GT weekend warrior and a 93 Ford Ranger daily driver.


I must admit I've never used any Adams products. I've only recently "graduated" from over the counter products to more high end online products.im still learning but thata half the fun. I take my Mustang to alot of cruises and shows over the summer and over the winter work on it. I'm on quite a few forums for both my vehicles and every detailing section always mentions Adams. So I creeped on here for a week or so and decided to join. Right now I am hooked on Chemical Guys but willing to try anything for a clean ride.


I've got a few problem areas on my GT which is why I joined. I will post a thread on my questions in the proper section. Be sure to look.


I'm sure I'm in for a warm welcome, nice to be around fellows detail crazy people.





Here are a few pictures, sorry all iPhone .




And one of the daily driver:



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:welcome:Welcome to a fellow Pittsburgher (even thought you're a Mustang owner). Too bad Car Cruise season is just about over, but I'm sure we'll run into each other soon. If you're into Autocross, we still have a few events left this season. Send me a message, and I'll fill you in if you're interested.:welcome:

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Thanks. Ive never done one but I wanted to get into auto cross and hill climb. Mustang isn't ready yet, need to upgrade ball joints and possibly coil over over the winter.


As for shows I went to Quaker steak an lube on Sundays, mineral beach, caste village, ect. Where are you from I'm in the south hills.

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Comp orange is one o my favorites.


So far not to much. Car was in ROUGH shape when I got it. It has over 100k miles. I had a Rio Red 95 mustang that got totaled by an idiot no paying attention.


So far it's sitting on Fr 500 18x9/18x10 Deep dish rears,lowered on H&R SS springs (no isos), Corbeau CR1s with 5 point, CAI, 75mm TB, Mach 1 chin spoiler/grill delete, exhaust, engine sturt brace, rear spoiler delete, lots of little stuff.


Planning a over hall this winter. The tenitive plan right now is heads, cam, slamming it (possible coil overs), 35% tint, rear seat delete, cobra side skirts and front bumper and tune.


Main consern is more HP and funds. But I can chip away at it no rush, not a DD.

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