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When to get more agressive



Hi all,


Well spent my Saturday working on someone's Camry, I used Adam's products, videos and my PC :pc: . I was really impressed with it, but in my opinion the car still needed more work. The hood took me 3 passes of (ssh,sh,pol).


Now this thing was filthy, it had hard water stains, swirls galore, even had over spray on the bottom of the doors from getting it undercoated. She said it was undercoated 2 years ago :( And had never been detailed:(


I managed to get most the swirls out after 3 passes. I wonder if I needed something a little more aggressive? The results were good, but is it possible in less passes with the pc7424? When do I know its time to bump it up a notch either by machine or polish?


What would be the next logical step?


She was ecstatic about the results but I wonder if I had tried something else if it might have been more proficient/ efficient.


Any recommendations or thoughts are welcome

















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