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Totally Blown Away

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This past Tuesday morning, I posted in the Garage Sale forum, the majority of my Adams products (the list was quite large) as I'm just getting a little to old to continue the side business of detailing autos.


I am not by any means saying goodbye as I still have my own personal supply/stock of Adams products, but going forward, everything will be done by hand and I will not be detailing others' automobiles.


As of 7:00 pm today, all but 2 of those items have been sold to either members on this forum or elsewhere. I am just totally blown away at the very short time it took to sale all of the items. Thanks to all of you on this forum who purchased the items from me.


The Adams brand really did the work because I honestly believe the brand name Adams sells itself. A very warm and sincere "Well Done" to the entire team at Adams for establishing such an outstanding name and an outstanding reputation for themselves and for delivering the absolute finest in car care detailing products! :2thumbs:



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Timing was perfect!! Been keeping my eye out for a used master blaster for the last few weeks, so glad I noticed this thread. Can't wait til that baby shows up on my door step, so excited I'm finally gonna have the real MB!!

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