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New Detail Spray

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Yeah, I know there's a thread for feedback for this new stuff, but I wanted to make sure you guys read this.

I tried the new Detail Spray today for the first time. When I washed the car, it was in the mid 40's.......the temp dropped to the 30's and started to snow, so I put the car into the garage and went inside. After about an hour or so, I headed out to the garage (unheated) to dry it off and use the DS.

Let me tell you, this stuff did an amazing job. I thought with the temps so low and the car not dry that I'd end up with one smeary mess. But the car looks fantastic. Shiny, shiny, shiny! And no streaks or smears. I'm totally impressed with the new formula. It's a lot stronger smelling, but not unpleasant. Smells like a car product. And to be honest, I couldn't care less what a car product smells like. I'm more concerned with how it works and this stuff WORKS GREAT!

So kudos to the Adam's team for coming up with another winner! Great job guys and gals!! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

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The Vette is white. You just can't see the smears. :jester: kidding!


:jester: The Vette is still under covers for the winter. This was on the DD. A 2008 Impala SS, Crystal red tintcoat.




I did take the bowtie off the front and replaced it with the SS. Looked great for a while till some idiot ran a red light and did this to my wife. It's all back 100% and you can't tell it ever happened.



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