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Adam's never ceases to amaze me...


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Well I just completed another order. Biggest thing on the list? Porter Cable 7424XP... Back story:


I've been in the market for a porter cable/machine for the last year or so... Just never had the courage to pull the trigger on a complete kit. A few forum members recently posted their PC's for sale and I couldn't make a decision between the two... so I actually used "Live Chat" on Adamspolishes.com to ask an experts opinion! Keep in mind they knew full and well I wasn't buying a porte cable from them... Just basically using them to help me make my decision! They were extremely helpful!


Well one thing led to another and I finally decided to pass on the used ones I found... And instead buy a new one from Adam's directly! I hope and know I will be extremely happy with it! :pc:


Just a shout out to the great team at Adam's for pleasantly surprising me again... They have the absolutely best customer service of ANY company I've ever worked with! :bow::bow::bow:

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how much does that guarantee weigh exactly ;)


Just messing with you, the Adam's warranty is the best in the business! Never heard of giving you extra money for your dissatisfaction before. A very cool warranty indeed :patriot:


Hmm...good question. Let me do some math.....


3.956852364665588877 ounces:thumbsup:

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The lifetime 110% guarantee is no joke. I've swapped out brushes that were bought years ago that had bristles coming out, cracked bottles full of product, etc. with absolutely no problem.


The reality is that you can get a number of the same Adam's products from competing retailers for cheaper. For example, Amazon sells the same vacuum's, blowers, etc. that is on this site at a lower price. Why do I continue to purchase through Adam's? Because I know if I have any problems or it doesn't meet my standards even years later, I can get it quickly replaced with absolutely no hassle. Adam's customer service is exceptional. :cheers:

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