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'13 Victory Red 2SS Conv correction/cleanup

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Hey guys, well since my mom picked up her rig I have been dying to correct the damage from the dealership and factory. So today she was away from home so I drove back 2 hrs from grand rapids and got in the house and went to work so she would have a surprise when she got back. There really wasn't too much damage for the most part, but a few spots needed some attention in particular, not surprised though since the car sat outside for a while at the dealership. Well here we go, questions are welcomed fellas!




Water spots were a problem on this car as I thought from the beginning






Passenger Quarter was bad










Wheels need attention, will come later





Hood had some etching and rids as well





Driver door



Unfinished sanding marks on driver door






Driver quarter, bad pic, but damage is seen



Driver side done



Obligatory outside shots











Cleaned up nicely and went like a breeze with proper products. Best of all my mom will be home later and she doesnt know I was coming back this weekend and she didnt know I was doing her car. Should be great to see her reaction of her new baby all cleaned up properly now. Thanks for looking everyone!

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Looking good buddy! She's going to love that you made her new car even newer!


thanks a lot! but I know right? its a newer new car haha.


Excellent work Josh! I wish my parents had something interesting to detail (a CVR and Toyota mini-van :() .


Haha tsut me she decided to get a cool car whenI was moved out of the house so jokes on me haha. Im happy for her though, she's wanted a camaro since she was in high school herself so I figured I'd make it more than she ever could imagine with what I know.

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Nice job!


Thank you!


Turned out great! :thumbsup:


Thanks a lot! :2thumbs:


camaros look sooooooo much better with quad exhaust tips. nice work.


I agree! Yeah with the dual mode exhaust she loved the look of the quad tips, which made me happy cause I think they look great on the back end of it, especially with the top down. Thanks though!




Thanks man! :D:2thumbs:

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I see there was a bottle of M*****a in the pic :confused:


yup, just like adams does I work with other products to make sure I am getting the absolute best results in the most efficient way. You'll see even dylan will work with competitors products and working different combo so he is familiar with everything, I don't use all Adams products but many of them are staple products in my every day corrections I do even from using a lot of other products, that should tell you something about their stuff, its good. :cheers:

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for some more sever spots I used a more aggressive compound made by another company with a rotary polisher in places. But a good amount of the polishing was done by Fine Machine Polish and a white pad as it wasn't too bad, this done mostly by a DA like porter cable. FMP is a great product and for a car like this that didnt need too much attention is was just enough to get a good amount out, with the fall a more aggressive correction process taking place.

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