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need some help with quick sealant



Did my new car prep on my 2014 Jeep SRT over the weekend and went to finish up the process with a layer of quick sealant (my americana is on back order and didn't ship till the end of last week) and did not get the results I was expecting (i'm 95% sure it's user error but i'm not sure where in my process i'm messing up as I tried to follow the "how to" video)


I tried spraying directly onto the panel, spreading, allow to dry for 1-2 minutes, buff off with a double soft...... after a closer examination in the sun there appeared to be quite a bit of streaking/remaining residue that required quite a bit of buffing off with the double soft (way more that I expected) to remove. 


I also tried spraying onto the applicator and then spreading, this seemed to work better but still the same issue as above but a slightly lesser degree.


Any suggestions as to what i'm doing wrong? The car was freshly washed with a strip concentration, clayed and lightly polished so the surface should of been free of any product.  My only thought is that i'm applying to much product? Panel maybe wasn't totally cool?   Was I expecting it to buff off too easily? 



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