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Seat Belt Cleaning

Fat Mike


Hey Gang,


I've spent a bit of time looking for a topic on cleaning seat belts but I came up empty.  I recently bought a '66 Corvette with great interior but the seat belts are dirty.  What product(s) would you use to clean the seat belts?  The belts are original and I want to ensure that I don't remove any of the color. 




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Steamer - wrap the head of the steamer with a cheap microfiber towel that you can toss if you want - and hit the belts with steam and scrubbing with the head wrapped in a towel - You can spray down the belts with Carpet/Upholstery cleaner first to help loosen up the dirt but the steam and the scrubbing on the towel will do most of the work for you - Clip the belts open all the way so that they dry OUT of the retractor - they need to be fully dry when retracted

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Nice looking 66.


Jason (Ricky Bobby) gave you the best answer for cleaning seat belts.


Use that method on many of the older Corvettes I detail for my club with fantastic results usually.

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