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My winter project



So this winter I made myself a detailing cart and easy dispense gallon containers. I got the cart from jet.com with a 15% off coupon, and made the bottle holder. Another holder is painting at this time for the in and out can, Foam gun(looks better with an Adams sticker on it), and mini pump sprayer for my wheel cleaner. Also got some pour spouts from eBay and made holes in the caps of the gallon caps and now its easier to fill the bottles with. I'm going to order a couple more of the spouts and make more easy for gallons.


Of course all my products are Adams........Some thing tells me I need more Adams product.


I keep my Cyclo, mini Rupes, pads, and clay bar in my old "wax spreader" container.



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And he will affix some labels to them also.


I should talk, I label everything myself with our Epson labeler. I was so happy when i saw his pics with the labels. It immediately justified everything I had done.


TheWolf will be over here shortly asking what the brand on those pour spouts for the gallon jugs were... That's a money idea right there.

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