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New Wheel Cleaner Help Please



Ok been a long time Adams user been out of the game here for awhile. Have a friend who needs a couple vehicles detailed by me. He refuses to go see anyone else. 1 of his vehicles is an 06 f150 crew cab dark blue in color needs some polishing and a desperate cleaning. previous owner did not do well caring for this truck. A plan is do a strip wash with Adams new strip wash. I remember Dylan did a video on the metal particles that get embedded in the paint and using deep wheel cleaner diluted to dissolve those. Now this truck being 10 years old with probably no care whatsoever im looking for all the help i can get and I know the new wheel cleaner is a gel per Adam in the video. Can it still be used on paint? Can it be diluted? I need to place an order tonight so any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh his other car is a white explorer newish year not exactly know but it has the rusted metal spots all over it.

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