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There are so many options to get you started.  I would look into the Daily Driver Kit or the Winter Washing Detail Kit.  I personally think the Winter Washing Kit is a better value for my needs.

Another idea is to just wait until the next mystery box sale and try out a bunch of new items.  

It all comes down to what you want to achieve.

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welcome to the forum Maura :iagree:  I started with the

winter wash kit, the interior 6 pack, the clay bar kit, and the glass sealant kit,

Adam's Liquid Paint Sealant Kit, Adam's Red Waxing Hex Grip Applicator, Adam's Car Wash Trio with Car Wash Wedge, Adam's NEW In & Out Spray 3 Pack w/ FREE CanGun1

 it has been a great investment into saving my rides paint and making it looks its best.

 anything you get from Adam's is sure to be a great product

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