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How do I properly wash the wash pad and microfiber towels?



Hi All -


About to use several Adam's products again for a second vehicle - was curious what the best way to maintain the wash pad:




and also the micro fiber towels?


Can they simply be thrown in the washer and dryer (without fabric softener) and use something like All?


Any suggestions?




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I personally wash my pads after every use ( I have about 8 and try to use them all so it is worth washing them every time).  I throw them in the washing machine with some dedicated MF cleaner such as MF Revitalizer.  Then either air dry them or use the drying machine on low heat in a pinch (washing more than one car).


Same thing goes for my MF towels. I wash them once I get enough dirty for a load (I have enough to be able to wait to wash them), use the same MF cleaner and then dry them on low heat. Stay away from fabric softener is my honest opinion and stick to a cleaning solution meant for MF towels. Also no drying sheets if you do decide to use the drying machine and keep it on low heat or no heat so as to not burn the fibers. 


Hope this helps!  :thumbsup:


P.s. I would not suggest washing them together, I always wash them separately. 

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Wash pad gets laid on grit guard and sprayed with hose nozzle from center working out. Flip and repeat.


I let it hang and drip dry then comb out any contamination I may find.



Towels get sprayed with MF revitalizer mixed 1:1 and washed every use.

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