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Yes, I think I am on to what may be needed. In Colorado of course, mountains & fresh air.


Along with all the Adam's stuff over recent years, then Strip Wash & H2O Guard just received, now I get a message about Wash & Wax!


The sight of the Adam's logo on fresh bottles, the aroma, and the thought of what could show up next, well, it just may overcome even the best of us.


So Adam, nothing fancy, a little bed near a window for seeing the mountains, maybe a few snacks, and something to slowly wean us off the aroma & videos, then we can recover to detail another day. Of course we will pay for the rehab, in fact I'm going to call my insurance company to see if Detail / Waxing Rehab is covered.


Just a suggestion.


Thanks for listening. :)  :wacko:  :rolleyes:

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