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Another strip wash review

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At home I have to partially park my truck under a tree, which naturally the roof catches the bulk of the sap and whatever tree fallout.  Probably been 3 weeks or more since I washed my truck...keeping up 3 vehicles is hard work.  :P   You can only imagine the mess I had on the roof along with the bug guts on the front of the truck.  Now keep in mind the truck is coated- closing in on a year for an "up to 2 years coating'.  Given the condition I opted to use the new Strip Wash with HGG as a drying aid.  What I didn't realize is that I did not have any wash pads clean.  So I had to revert back to the Adams wash wedge, not ideal given the tough, stuck on, and heat baked junk that was on the paint. 


Started the 2 bucket wash (chasing daylight so no time for foam cannon setup).  Started with roof and it cleaned up remarkably well for using the wedge.  I had more stubborn bug guts on the front so I went back and let the SW soak in before I tried to remove.  Overall, I am really please with how well the product work considering I was using the wash wedges.  Happy I didn't have to scrub to get everything off. 


Just a couple of notes.  I did not notice any issues with Adams Glass Sealant afterwards.  Keep in mind it is a few weeks old.  I normally use HGG as my drying aid, so my last coat should have been relatively fresh.  The paint looked super clean and noticed my water sheeting returning from the coating.  Also, I have a tire coating on that I have struggled with results on for a while.  Doesn't appear the SW effected it, but I would say that it is thanks to the Tire and Rubber Cleaner helping me to properly prep the tires....finally!


Overall I give the product a :thumbsup:

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I'm excited to try mine out when I get it.


You won't be disappointed. But keep an open mind in it's stripping ability and how fresh your sealant or wax is. 


Personally I had a week old layer of HGG on my paint and the Strip Wash took it right off, as well as my month old Glass Sealant. 


I also give this product a  :2thumbs:

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This stuff is incredible I used it last week it took off bug guts tree sap and all of contamination at the time I didn't know it took contamination off as well clayed the entire car and not taking off any contamination because there wasn't any the strip wash took it all off????????????????Adams did it again another great product

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That's great Tony!  I'm glad you had good results with it.


Thanks for posting your review.

Thanks. I will have to get some pics when I wash the wife's car. I told her not to park under the tree! Of course, she didn't listen and has the nerve to say her car is dirty.

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