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Done some paint correction today



Not much to show here. It was getting late when I started, so not much would show up in the before pic. However I made a drastic change on the tailgate of this truck. There are still some really gnarly scratches in it that just won't budge. Maybe I need a more aggressive pad/polish combo. I am starting to correct that paint on the whole truck. Sadly, I have to work outside and wait till the temps cool down each evening before I can do anything. I improved the clarity and depth a tremendous amount . And removed a lot of scratches and swirls.



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Just remember to follow the rule of thumb...if you can feel the indentation of a scratch with your thumbnail or fingernail, you're most likely not going to be able to correct it 100% without some serious work, usually involving wet sanding or a repaint. You can still at least reduce the appearance of these scratches with machine polishing though. And don't polish angry trying to get something perfect, you might end up going too far or getting the paint too hot and ending up with a bigger problem on your hands.

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