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Glass Sealant Question



Hi All, first post on these forums... Let me know if I did anything incorrectly.


I just received my FIRST EVER Adam's Mystery Box in the mail today, and was pleasantly surprised to find that I had been shipped a bottle of Adam's Glass Sealant, among other things.


I watched a video tutorial on Youtube, from Adam's themselves, on how to use this product.  Pretty straightforward.  


Towards the end of the video, the presenter mentioned that to clean the sealant residue off of the glass, you MUST use Adam's specific glass cleaner.  


I usually use Meguiar's glass cleaner, or Rain-X branded glass cleaner (NOT with the hydrophobic treatment chemicals in it, just cleaner), would both of these be a no-go, since I assume they are either ammonia or alcohol based? I don't want to waste sealant by cleaning the residue off with something that removes the sealant itself...


Would it be safer/smarter to use some waterless wash, diluted in a spray bottle to clean the residue off?

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I don't know anything about the other brands you mentioned but waterless wash would work fine. You don't need to dilute it but I guess you can if you want.


You really should try Adam's Glass Cleaner, though.  It blows away anything else I ever used.

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Like Roger said just use the waterless wash to play it safe. I know nothing of Rain-X brand, but I would take a stab and say the M brand won't hurt sealant, the stuff is pretty durable. In so Cal it will last a while with the droughts you guys are in.

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