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Finally Pulled the Trigger...


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I've always believed if you want something done right, sometimes you have to do it yourself (not everything, but most things). 


Anyways, I paid $159 bucks to have my truck "detailed" yesterday and it looked good afterwards, but the more time I spent inspecting the work the more things I found wrong. Mirrors/glass streaked, water spots, etc. 


Then of course...the one time it finally decides to start raining in SoCal is the same day. Well today I noticed whatever they used on my side mirrors is running off and down on my paint. It has now left greasy streaks in my paint. 


So, I said enough is enough and finally pulled the trigger...I ordered me some Adam's products. 


On the way is: 


2 Bucket Car Wash Kit


Perfect Interior Kit


Ultimate Wheel and Tire Kit




Detail Spray and Visco Clay bar Combo. 


Had I listened the first time, I promise I will next time, I could have covered half of my order with what I paid for a half @$$ed "detail" job. 


I'm pretty excited about using professional level products and learning the art of detailing. I'm not OCD, but I like things to be clean and in order  :D

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I would add some paint sealant or wax to your kit . Congrats on your new detailing kit


Yeah, I was doing a lot of research, youtube'ing, etc. last night and realized that it's not quite complete yet. I'll be placing another order, plus my b-day is coming up and maybe I can persuade the wife to get me a polisher :D Thank you!

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