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  1. Yeah, the hang up for me is buying the same wheels I already have...but they are in much better shape when new! I’ve been eyeing the snowflake wheels he has too. Either way, my factory wheels will be my winter set so I’m not too overly concerned about how flawless I can make these. Are the center caps also capable of being stripped and polished? Or does anyone have a good part number for new ones?
  2. Thanks Ray. I have the same feelings about chemical stripping. Sure, I’ve seen plenty of videos of people making it look easy, but reality is different. I’m hesitant to use chemicals because I don’t want to damage the wheel, and also don’t want to create more work. As far as blasting, my plan is to not dismount the tires at this time. I’ll re-evaluate once I’m due for new tires. I don’t drive it much, and have other vehicles so I’m just doing 1 wheel at a time. I’m hoping to sand the clear coat off, but I also realize this is a very involved process going through several different grits of sandpaper before switching to polish. If anyone has sanded wheels before, what series of grits did you use? The benefit of these wheels is they are flat and straight, so access for sanding is not an issue for even finishing. Thanks!
  3. Bringing up a thread from the way back.... My wheels are in not as good of condition as these, but I wanted to get everyone’s opinion on what I can do with them. Since the clear coat has been compromised, I realize the first step will be stripping the clear coat off. Think polishing is still an option, or will these need to be refinished? I want to make them look better, but these are also going to end up being my “winter wheels”. And don’t mind the brakes, those have already been addressed... Any input is appreciated!
  4. I have a TBSS and the polished wheels have the clear coat cracking. Wheels are physically in good shape, just not cosmetically. I’d like to strip the clear coat, polish and then put new clear coat on. Have you done this? I’m not looking for show quality results as these are my winter wheels, but I know they can look better than this.
  5. I just bought a new bottle of Leather Conditioner, and it appears to have what I call “chunks” in it. The chunks are about the size of grains of sand. They do rub into the interior pieces just fine it appears, but it seems as if the ingredients are either separating and not blended enough. Is this normal?
  6. We'll geez, can't you all get on the same page?!? That makes sense on sealant first, I suppose I'll see what product I grab second and go from there. Thanks for the input!
  7. I just finished a full 2 step polish, and I'm ready for the LSP. Should I use Brilliant Glaze first because of the solvent, then paint sealant (machine applied), then Americana?
  8. Trucks in Canada look a lil different than the ones here in the states. I like the setup! I’m still weighing all of my options for the “power” sprayer I’ll be adding into my arsenal.
  9. Dang, is the blue mirror paint an extra charge?!? Looks great! But it sounds great too....
  10. Hey Dan, I’d like to hear more about this “other foaming chemical” you mentioned....
  11. Looks great! What is the car in the reflection of your third picture? Looks like a C3 corvette, but that’s my shot in the dark guess. I’m thrown off by what looks like a chrome gas filler.....unless I’m completely off.
  12. I usually just take the straps completely off and the fabric as well (if possible), and throw them in the washing machine. Otherwise, the carpet and upholstery cleaner is the way to go. Looks good! I’m down to just 2 booster seats now, and I couldn’t be happier.
  13. When will I be able to get some of this new soap? I don't see it on the site currently, and I'm getting the green light from the wife to stock up on some items!
  14. Serious question, how much work did you really have to do to that car? With only 550 miles, I can't imagine it needed anything major some to it. Sweet piece of machinery!
  15. My dad had a '68 and a '69 convertible. Sweet cars. Thanks to his darn kids, he had to sell them....Ha! Still has his 1979 Z28 he bought brand new when he got married, so he's still in the game. Thanks for sharing the photos! Looks like a great time.
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