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Winter prep is underway


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Decided that today would be a good day to get the wife's car ready for the winter months since it was beautiful outside. The car was trashed as it had a 3k road trip and saw no love just abuse.


I started with a high pressure rinse off since it was such a dusty and dirty mess. I followed with the typical 2 bucket wash with some apc im the solution since I applied patriot and h20 last month.


After drying the car and hitting all the door jambs it was time to get to the protection part of this venture.


I used paint sealant since it is durable i hope we can make it most of the winter with some follow ups with h20 and wax as I get the chances this winter.


Gave the wheels a dwc treatment and followed with a el cheapo wax for a test to see if this helps with maintenance.


Lexus was kind enough to ignore my no washing letter in the gauge cluster and im the proud owner of rear bumper and door pillar swirls... They were free who can complain???? i didn't get a light out on the entire car due to fear of a hideous surprise thanks to these chumps, I will leave that for spring polishing. But I am getting 50% off the next oil change and a tour of their detail bay that should be comical. They are very confident they were not at fault but when the rest of the car is a mirror it was hard for them to argue really.


Im a terrible photographer so please excuse the low budget shots. The metallic is popping in the sun now.




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Ah balls to the walls nothing a rinseless wash won't fix in a couple days lol. Im impressed how clean it really stayed honestly because I didn't baby that thing on the way home at all. I live on a gravel drive so nothing new there

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I had a Red Jewel Metallic Tintcoat on  my Impala which looks just about the color of your ride. That thing just looked amazing in the sun when it was cleaned and waxed.  Yours looks really good. Your hard work shows.  :2thumbs:

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