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Hey guys,

I was just putting together an order to do some restocking.  It looks like some of the sizes of products have changed recently (or maybe not so recently)?  The LPS is only available in an 8 oz size now?  The same also looks to be true of the correcting and finishing polishes?  


Are there plans to reintroduce the larger bottles?  Or is this the new way?  Hoping to find out before I order these smaller bottles.  I like to keep a decent inventory in my garage for not only my vehicles but for when I do them for other people as well.



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Hi Shane!


We moved down to the smaller 8oz bottles for Correcting Polish, Finishing Polish, Paint Sealant, and Metal Polish #1 and #2 earlier this year for a few reasons. For some of our customers, the 16oz bottles of machine polishes were lasting upwards of 3-4 years, and we were concerned with product shelf life and effectiveness when a product is kept around that long, especially if it's not stored in ideal temperatures and conditions. Some people may only do 1 paint correction per year, so at 2 or 3 ounces needed per paint correction on average, the 8oz bottle could still last 2 years or so.


We have been looking into options to offer larger quart sizes for detail shops and so on for those that might be doing a lot more than 1 or 2 paint corrections per year, but that is all of the information I have on that right now. 


Stay tuned, we have exciting things coming in the next few weeks. That's all I can say for now too :)

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Thanks for the quick reply Dan.  I still have some of the products I need that are now offered in the 8oz only.  I may wait to order those items since you said there's some new stuff coming in the next few weeks.  I do need a few things now...which is killing me since I don't know what's coming down the line.


I guess these decisions are all first world problems...

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