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Wash and Wax: First use!


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I worked on a coworker's daughter's 2016 Ford Focus (Platinum) and I decided to try Wash and Wax for the first time.  


The first thing I did (and always do with Adam's products lol) is get a good whiff of it. I LOVE the peach smell! He had already washed the car before bringing it to me so I went straight to decontamination with Adam's wheel cleaner. It never ceases to amaze me how much iron is on paint. I then rinsed it with DI water and continued decon. with the Visco clay bar. I use it without the tool as it seems to get in the way.


The paint is in very good shape since I trained him how to properly do a 2BW and he is the only person to wash it so far. I decided no paint correction was needed. I pulled out the pressure washer and foam cannon (Adam's) and foamed the car with the Wash and Wax. I was very impressed with the foam!




Washed it down good and finished it off with Adam's DS and a Great White MF towel.




Did a quick clean on the interior and protected everything with Adam's Leather Conditioner (LOVE this smell also). She was very happy with the final result!


I will definitely be using Wash and Wax in the future. I'll save my old shampoo for  strip washes.

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