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Rinseless love


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I have to confess my love of the Rinseless wash! I got it and filled a 32oz spray bottle with a 16:1 ratio and have never been so pleased with a product. I use this constantly. I am always doing a quick wipe. It leave the paint with such a nice gloss and softness. I use it to clean the paint, trim, and wheels. When you spray the trim it darkens it and almost make it look like you VRT it. I basically use it in place of the Waterless Wash and Detail Spray. I keep a bolttle in the truck at all times and at lunch do a quick wipe down whenever I get a chance. From what I have read it does not build up like the Detail Spray can. When you buy a 16 oz and mix it into a gallon it is ridiculously inexpensive. So one product that can do the work of three at a 16th of the cost!!!!


Honestly I have never used it as a Rinsless Wash... I have only washed my truck once in the last 4 months thanks to this product!


Buy it!


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