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Never really detailed a car before, but I just leased a new one and decided I will no longer go to the car wash to get tons of swirl marks and just do it all myself. I received my order from here the other day.


I'll do the the wheels first and then wash and dry. 


I plan on using detail spray with a clay bar and then will wipe the excess with a microfiber towel.


I was then going to use the liquid paint sealant. I plan on finishing it with buttery wax, but I also bought h20 guard and gloss. Where would this fit in the process, after the paint sealant? Or should I wait to use that product on a future wash when I haven't used the paint sealant?



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Kappaz...agreed on the order of PS then HGG as a boost every few washes or so thereafter.


Question - have you considered doing a strip wash before the clay to start with a naked surface? It'll remove any contaminants from the factory and before you got the car. Many on here, I think, would recommend it as a necessary step.

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