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Everyone is hooked!


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So I've been using Adam's products almost exclusively now for about 4 years. I have used almost everything they have come out with, with only the exception to some newest products and things I don't have too much of a use for (like metal polish or Patriot Wax). 

The very first product I ever used was Adam's Detail Spray. Hooked ever since. I always keep a bottle with me for this or that - I use it on my paint obviously but also my nav screen, computer screen, cell phone and other various things that I want to clean and help resist fingerprints a little bit.

A co-worker was about to clean his computer screen with alcohol wipes. I immediately stopped him and showed him how I clean the computer screen with Adam's Detail Spray. He tried it on his and was hooked. Another co-worker heard us doing this and asked to use it on their screen, then the next person wanted to try. Then the next one and the next. All of a sudden everyone is using my detail spray lol. I told them how I use it on my nav screen in my truck, then they all had to try it. Everyone is HOOKED! They love it and the smell!


Can't beat Adam's stuff!!!

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Hmmmm I wonder if that qualifies Adams as an office supply vendor now....


Oh and your Boss completely owes you a new bottle and some towels now. You should tell him to just get the 5gal for the office it would be cheaper, then you can use it on the stainless stuff and no more fingerprints 

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