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Quick - Which Product(s) should I buy before the Sale ends??

LSX Maestro


Title states my question; I currently have:

- [x] Adam’s Detail Spray
- [x] Adam’s Waterless Wash
- [x] Adam’s Liquid Paint Sealant
- [x] Adam’s H2O Guard and Gloss 
- [x] Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo
- [x] Adam’s VRT
- [x] Adam’s Rinseless Wash
- [x] Adam’s Undercarriage Spray
- [x] Adam’s Tire Shine

Bucket, Grit Guard, Towels, Applicators etc.  

I'm considering some of the following...

Americana Shine Kit (Brilliant Glaze + Americana)

Gallon of H2O GG (About halfway through my current supply)

Glass Sealant Kit + Glass Boost (I'm not sure I really need this; my H2O GG already makes water dance off my windshield plus I just apply it with my Rinseless/Regular washes in one step...)

Ceramic Boost (Again, not sure how necessary this is as I really like H2O GG and that I can apply it to every surface on my vehicle as part of my wash process...I guess an advantage would be you can do it dry? Worried about over spray on windows; appears it's quite something to remove from glass)

Buying All the Polishing stuff for full Paint Correction ($$$) (I want to but I don't want to at the same time...)


What are some of your products that you would recommend to be in someone's Adam's detailing arsenal? 


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Ceramic Boost is not needed unless you do a coating. GG is primarily used when you have a paint sealant on your paint and not a coating.

As Wolf said, get a Swirl Killer Mystery Box :pc:. You can't go wrong with that deal. I would personally hold of on buying any polish unless its the one step as you may get heavy compound, paint correcting, and finishing polish in your box as the $70+ products. If anything, buy pad kits for the 15mm( http://adamspolishes.com/shop/kits/4-polishing-kits/adam-s-gen5-6-pad-bundle.html) as its better to have an extra set to switch out when the polish loads up or pad gets hot.

As for the rest of the products you want, :cheers:

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I already have a clay kit as well as a PC and access to other DAs from the shop...Not sure if I need to buy a SK though a complete Pad+Polish kit may be on order.  

Lol and I found that there's really only one form of detailing...All in LOL.  At first I was like, maybe proper washing things...Then ok maybe I'll try a sealant...Then...then then etc.  

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Other things to consider:






MF Brightner and Revitlizer

The Winter Wash, Essentials or Daily Driver kits are also great.

If you are on the fence, consider waiting for all the paint correction stuff until spring. Just get your car sealed up for winter for now. Gives you time to save up, and there will be discounts then, too. Probably not 20% but 15% isn't out of the question.

OK, yeah. Get everything! 

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