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PPF/Tint and pre cut films...the evolution



Some of you may remember my topic about PPF and going in that direction. Well, the evolution is that we’ve ordered a cutter. We got a 72” cutter which is larger than we need, but we will have the ability to precut full coverage films. 


Our software has precut patterns for a large number of vehicles. We will also have the ability to precut window tint films. 


Since there’s a lot of DIY types here, I wanted to offer to sell the precut tint films or ppf films once we get up and running with it. We have tint film ordered and once I have gone through the software some more, we will get some ppf ordered. I need to determine what size is best since the films aren’t cheap. Our films will be from SunTek, so it’s quality stuff.


So here we go on to the next stage of growing pains in learning how to work with tints and ppf, as well as offering supplies to the DIY types. 


I’m hoping this doesn’t violate TOS here in my offer since Adam’s doesn’t make tint or PPF products.


Should you be interested or want to share thoughts, please do so!!!  Feedback is always welcomed. 

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59 minutes ago, mc2hill said:

Excellent offer Shane!  I may take you up on this when it is available, as our 10 month old Accord already has a few stone chips :(



We see so many stone chips. And there isn’t a solution other than ppf. The downside is that ppf isn’t cheap to have done. If you have the patience and desire, it can be done on your own. The plotter should be in this week along with film. So we can already quote and take orders. It’ll just take a week or two to fulfill it since we need to get the plotter assembled. 


If you send me a PM with year, make, model and trim along with coverage you’re looking for, I can put it together for you. 

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