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Last summer, I purchased some Adams products from a Detailer at the Mystic CT Corvette show.  they have a different logo on them?  Looks like possible an old logo for Adams?  My question is how old are the products?  or at least how long ago was another logo used?


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That is the previous logo.

From a quick search, around 2015 the new circle 'A' was introduced and 2016 was the start of it going on products. I'm no "logo historian" so don't take my word as fact.


What products are they?  I'd imagine that they could have a different recommended shelf life and some might have even got the new circle 'A' logo sooner or later (new products, label reserves in the warehouse, etc).

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Red car shampoo is a HOT commodity in this forum group.


Shake the detail spray if you see a layer of white settled to the bottom. Here's a link detailing all storage practices and cautions for specific products.


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