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CB 2.0, Spray Wax, or G&G??



The title just about says it alll.


My initial detail had a revive polish, sealant, glaze, and Americana.


After that I’m Looking for something to continue or enhance beading, as well as protect and add shine, etc.


Of the three listed, does one out perform another, is it personal preference, or based on the Final step, is the decision predetermined?


hope that made sense.


thank you everyone in advance for the suggestions and opinions

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I use the Ceramic Boost as a stand alone on my truck. In fact, it has mostly replaced Detail Spray as a QD for me as well.  Haven't tried the new Spray Wax, but it seems that it is basically Detail Spray maybe with a little more carnauba?


Ceramic Boost was a game changer for me, and is my "go to" after the Ram is washed and clean.

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