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‘Old’ H20 G&G versus H2.0 G&G

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Quick question regarding the old and new version of guard and gloss.  Am I reading things right that the new version has some form of very mild polish in it whereas the original version did not?


My concern is using the new version over a certain coated car just to get added gloss and temporary protection but having the new version slowly polish off the certain coating over repeated applications.



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Thank you @falcaineer, I was thinking they changed the formula a bit to add the polish in the new version because of the 'hybrid' branding.  


When you view the new version on Amazon, the description reads:



Adam’s H2O Guard & Gloss - Revolutionary Hybrid Top Coat Technology Combines Silica Sealant, Polish Wax, and Quick Detailer Technology - Seals, Shines, and Protects All Exterior Surfaces


I took that to mean it acts like a cleaner wax with a mild polish in it.  


Edit: Also, in the new video posted on YouTube for the new version of this product, @Adam at approximately 1:15 says something along the lines of “instead of polishing, waxing and sealing you’re now doing everything in one”.  

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