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Got a Swirl Killer... Have a question now

Dallas Bengal

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I’m so excited.. I got a killer for Christmas and can’t wait to use it. My truck is black and I have clay bared it. It has a few Swirl marks so my plan is to.

Adams paint correcting polish ( red pad )

Adams paint sealant ( gray pad )

Adams Americana wax ( Hand apply with pad what came with wax)

Is this the correct order of applying these and is there a breakdown of what pad should go with what products? Sorry for all the questions.

have a fun and safe New Years everyone 



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Welcome, Scott! An easy rule of thumb is Adams polishes are color coded. FP with white, CP with orange, etc. They can be interchanged, but this guideline should keep you on track. Also, for reference, the grey and red pads have no correcting power/cut, that's why they're for the sealant and wax. Good luck, and ask any questions you have!

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