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How About a Pop Up Canopy or Top?

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Sitting at Carlisle and I thought to myself  "Self,  wouldn't it be great to look out over the fun field and see a whole lot of big red A's on the canopies?"  So my suggestion is, how about a double drop (so it can fit in everyone's cars) canopy with the Adam's logo on it?  Or if that's not possible,  how about just getting tops made with the logo that will fit on everyone's 8' X 8' or 10' X 10' tents? Black or red top, silver lining to block the sun.  Double drop is the best.  Like this one!!



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On 9/9/2019 at 2:29 AM, Mike E. said:

I'd buy one.


Rich, How was Carlisle? I really want to make that trip.


One of the best ever since they brought the new Corvette C8 display and cars.  Saturday broke all records for walk ins, Fun Field attendance, and sales.  Weather was perfect.  All of that together created the perfect show.  Next year's dates are August 27 to 30, 2020.   Hope you can make it.

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Sorry I'm just seeing this now. We've sold our pop-up canopy in the past, but only to authorized dealers. They have a pretty steep price tag on them 😮

It's a cool idea for sure, but I have a feeling the reason we only offer them to dealers is so there isn't confusion at car shows. When you see our canopy, you know there are products there for sale :)

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So make just a top,  and put multiple Adam's designs on it (stickers)  so that it's not the same as the regular Adam's design.  


And how about a CLING for in my rides instead of stickers?

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