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I have never paid extra.  I live in Maryland and have never waited more than 7-8 total days(including weekends) for a package,  that includes a day or 2 for packing, prior to having it get on the truck.  In addition I have had shipping estimates give very long windows often, but the package arrive 2,3, or 4 days earlier 

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1 hour ago, Sandalwood said:

Does anyone else have poor luck with shipping? Here are my two most recent examples, where regardless what I pay, it takes 10+ days.

I placed an order over the Labor Day sale and it didn't get processed until exactly 1 week after Labor Day (understandable during a big sale). However, when it finally shipped, I got it on the 4th business day using the free shipping option available with the sale. ( It came via FedEX )

So this time when I placed an order Saturday during the PSPICE promotion, I opted to pay an extra $10 to "skip the line" and have my order ship Monday. I figured/hoped I would have it in the same 4 days, or by this weekend at the latest.

Turns out the tracking says it's going to take 10 days to get here?? Did I get bamboozled into the Fedex->USPS smartpost for paying extra?

My "feedback/input" would be requesting more transparency with shipping. I can only wonder if I had not paid to skip the line if it would have shipped out a few days later but gotten here the same time or faster. What shipping service takes 10 days? 

I order most of my items (minus gallons and such) from my local dealer. Everything usually arrives to me within 3-4 business days of the order being placed. Shipping cost through my dealer is right around the same cost of Adam's, if not a few bucks more. At least that way I don't have to wait the 10+ days like I do when ordering direct from Adam's. Typically when I select the cheapest shipping option through Adam's, it gets sent FedEx SmartPost, which takes forever to arrive. 

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I have gone both routes on the shipping with the vast majority ordered using the free shipping.  I order well in advance of needing the product, so it really doesn't matter if it is arrives in 2 days or 10 days.  I've had a couple orders take a bit longer than expected, one was last fall when the hurricanes where hitting South Carolina and the other was this last winter when the major snow storms hit the central states.   In both cases, it was the weather extremes and I even had a couple of Amazon Prime orders that took extra time.


During large sales, such July 4th, Labor Day and Black Friday, you should expect it to take longer to package and ship.   All the other vendors are also running sales, so there is only so much bandwidth on the trucks, which adds to the time.   If I need something in a hurry, due to my poor planning, then I go by my local Chevy dealer and pick it up.  While they don't have everything, they have all the core products and I'm there enough that I always get a discount from them. 

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