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  1. Crumbs Cookies They are only located in Southern California as far as I know.
  2. I have my two 5 gallon buckets for the vehicle and a separate 3.5 gallon just for the wheels and exhaust tips with grit guards in all three. I found that was the best way for me to make sure that I never mixed the nasty stuff with the vehicles stuff. My detail cart is also set up so the bottom shelf is dedicated to the tires, wheels and exhaust tips. The wheels and wheel wells are always first and I usually do the exhaust tips after the wheels to get the major grime off. If the exhaust tips need polish with stainless steel cleaner or metal polish, then I do that after the vehi
  3. I'm on a well and we have good water and still added large whole house filter, it wasn't cheap, but it sure does work nicely. It isn't a softener, it is truly a filter to take care of the sand, sediment and iron and such. In addition for all the drinking water, fridge, coffee maker and such we have a 3 state deionizer and we don't bother with bottled water at all, just fill the Yeti's and and go. We no longer have to have a filter in fridge or coffee maker and the Britta was donated to my daughter who is on city water. I always have a spray bottle on the detail cart and if I see
  4. @Mantis You can also add on top of the Spray Coating (Ceramic or Graphene) the Ceramic Paste or Liquid Wax. This will add an additional layer of protection and it is easily removed and reapplied without the need to polish the entire vehicle again. If you are downwind from a plant using coal, a steel mill or other heavy industry factory they can result in additional particulates drifting onto your vehicle or pulled down with rain. This also works for people we have to park where pigeons regularly roost. The great thing with doing the top coat is that the coating on the vehicle is
  5. Installed radiator
  6. For the in between washes, I have been using CS3 with a waterless wash towel and then going over them a borderless gray and the wheels come out great. When I'm doing a regular wash I have been using Graphene Shampoo and then I don't need anything else.
  7. If you hear the motor kick on and nothing happens for pressure after bleeding the system, then you may have a bad unit. If you don't hear the motor kick on, check the reset button on the plug. The unit should be running and making some noise. I'll state that the Red unit from Adam's is an outstanding pressure washer and they'll provide the best support you could ever ask for.
  8. Hi Jack, I have done some stainless steel as an experiment and it came out rather well. I did one piece using Surface Prep first and the other cleaned with Adam's Stainless Steel Cleaner and I could not tell the difference in the results. I have no way of knowing what the longevity will be since it was just a test and I only kept the pieces around for a about a month. I can tell you the coating took, looked great and there were no high spots. I do like the Adam's Stainless Steel Cleaner. I've found it easy to work with and it gets all the finger prints and such off rather e
  9. Welcome to the Forum Alex
  10. Donation received
  11. CS3 and Graphene Details Spray are perfect companions for the Ceramic Wax.
  12. From what I have been able to tell from the vehicles I have done it is comes down to the plastic used in the trim. You can get vehicles from the same manufacturer, such as the Mustang and Ranger, but they use different plastics. What I do now and have avoided the problem is that I make sure I get the edges of the trim with the Surface Prep, therefore I know it is clean. I try as much as possible to avoid touching the trim, but I have no doubt that I'm still touching it once in a while. So when I start removing the coating after it has flashed, I start with the trim, do the rest
  13. You'll love the Ceramic Liquid Wax for the ease of use and it still lasts a long time and should be perfect for multiple months on the front of the 5th wheel. I have not used it on top of Paint Sealant, so I cannot tell you if that would affect the longevity or not.
  14. I've done 4 or 5 bed covers and 2 convertible tops, all with the original ceramic spray coating. First and most importantly is to ensure the surface is clean, cool and out of the sun when you do the application. My prep has been a full strip wash and then using one of two products that I've used for years. Adam's does sell the Fabric Protection kit that states it works on all fabrics including convertible tops, but I have not used it yet, so I cannot comment on it. I have never used surface prep on any of the tonneau covers or convertible tops. The strip wash and conditioner an
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