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  1. Welcome to the Forum.
  2. If you are going to take the time to remove them and thoroughly clean them, then I would recommend ceramic coating. If they are already coated, then CS3 makes a perfect topper. In the event that you do not have any of the ceramic coating products, then going over them with CS3 would still be a good idea, it does help keep the brake dust off.
  3. It was a perfect 84 here today, so the daughters Jag, the wife's Terrain and my Colorado all got a bath. It was great having a day to be outside with no rain and perfect temps.
  4. I used my stool that @falcaineerrecommended three times today, 2 SUV's and one pickup. It also gets plenty of use around the house besides the vehicles being a nice solid platform to stand on, yet light weight and easy to move.
  5. To the members who have been able to test the Water Spot Remover: I have a couple of older vehicles coming in and one has factory original decals from the late 70's. One decal pretty much covers the hood and has water spots etched on it, the paint is dark blue and the decals are gold. With older vehicles decal, I usually stick with Revive Hand Polish and could never get the water spots off, if there were any. Has anyone tested the Water Spot Remover on old decals? If so, how were the results.
  6. Welcome to the Forum Jeremiah from warm and sunny South Carolina.
  7. @TheWolf You are much further along that I am on my new shop after a year's delay due to Covid and stock prices that fell hard. The stocks are up, contractors are talking again and it feels like we are getting close to turning some dirt for the the new shop.
  8. Welcome to the Forum Tony.
  9. I have worked on multiple 20-50 year old original paint vehicles and have found my preference of Americana or Ceramic Paste Wax. For vehicles are that got out to shows, I tend to prefer Americana and the expectation is that you'll do regular wax jobs on them. If it is a high end show car, then it is Patriots without question. From cruisers and vehicles that may sit in the garage for months without being touched, I prefer the Ceramic Paste Wax. It will last a long time and looks exception when you go it with Graphene Detail Spray before you go out running around.
  10. The Grey mitt really soaks up the water or soap. I've found that if I use the hand in mitt and just give it a squeeze once I have pulled it out of the water, I go through a lot less water. It isn't changing how the vehicle gets cleaned, but it reducing how much water is just running out of the mitt on the way back to the car. The next time you the mitt pay attention to how much goes all over the ground before touch the car or how much gushes out when you put it against the car. If there is a lot, then you know you can squeeze a little more out during the next rinse/soap cycle.
  11. I hope it smells better than the Tire and Rubber Cleaner. While not bad, I wouldn't want the inside of my vehicle or Mary's to smell like it.
  12. I think Chris and Chris answered the questions. As for the brakes, that is not a problem that I have experienced with vehicles with disk brakes. However, if you have drum brakes, I have experienced that multiple times. The solution is to drive it a little bit and it goes away.
  13. Added to Mary's wish list. I think she is putting in a order tonight since there is a very good sale going on.
  14. Hi Chas, For the first question, it is likely that there is a small hole or the glue has failed on one small area of the weather stripping. The glue failure is usually easier to find than the small hole. You can usually find the glue failure by going every inch or so in the area were you suspect the failure and just try to lift up the weather stripping. If it doesn't move the glue is good, but when you hit that spot that has failed, it will be noticeably different. You can get small tubes of weather stripping glue, it is not the same as gasket glue. When looking for the s
  15. Welcome to the Forum. Whether it is a salvage, new, classic or well used, they all need to be kept looking good.
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