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Bottle mystery..



So i went to add my 19’ PS DS to my LE shelf (yes I collect them!!) yesterday when I noticed liquid on the shelf. After wiping down the bottoms of a few more bottles I found my Untamed Shoe Cleaner bone dry!😭🤬 I then found a crack on the lower side of the bottle.... never used it once!!D228BED2-47D9-4BFB-89EB-F35758534AF6.thumb.jpeg.ca9d2b494ef5fff9369beff655a59f46.jpeg

I cant figure Out what happened....I did slide the bottles over to squeeze in the BAGP DS (last week). I’m guessing that moving the other bottles over caused a crack in the untamed bottle????? 
 This is how I store them... wondering if the bottle was just extra brittle... never had this occurbefore.. anyone else experience this?????  🥺0DABC216-1FC8-4D5C-AC21-7313E1263631.thumb.jpeg.7668c57fe39aa94611d106fc994894f4.jpeg

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1 hour ago, nateeric said:

I just found my bottle of APC leaking out the bottom on the shelf the other day.  I wonder if they will sell a more durable bottle maybe like what the strip wash comes in?


Contact them, they will send a new one in that same bottle as strip wash. 

Wheel & Tire cleaner is now coming in that same bottle! It was too strong for the plastic too!

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Quick update..I contacted Adams customer service who of course was nothing but helpful. I believe Dan assisted me... basically said they have heard of the shoe cleaner being a little stronger than expected. He said they use a different bottle now.   He was able to send me the new bottle and was able to locate another untamed SC label...(Its same size, the pic makes new bottle look larger). 

 Thanks Adam’s!👍🏻💯 I appreciate the quick fix.


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